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Pages Website 5

Pages Website 7

Mobile Responsive

Mobile Responsive No

Mobile Responsive Yes

Wordprss Admin Panel

Wordpress Admin Panel Yes

Wordpress Admin Panel Yes

Page Optimization

Page Optimization No

Page Optimization Yes

Design Concepts

Design Concepts 2

Design Concepts 2

Stock Photos

Stock Photos 12

Stock Photos 12

Jquery Slider

Jquery Slider Free

Jquery Slider Free

Domain Registration

Domain Registration No

Domain Registration Yes

Hosting Registration

Hosting Registration No

Hosting Registration Yes

Email Registration

Email Registration No

Email Registration Yes

CMS Integration

CMS Integration Free

CMS Integration Free




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100% Satisfaction Guarantee -

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will you need to get started?

Can I change the content later on myself?

Yes, you can change anything in your landing page or website according to your requirements. I will guide you and help you how to change the content on your landing page / website anytime you need.

Which package is best for me?

What about Website security?

All the packages include strong security module and i can guarantee that the website will not be hacked.

What if there is an issue after the website is complete? Will you resolve it?

I will be here to solve any issues in the work done by me as soon as possible, but I can not take responsibility if contacted regarding an issue after months or years!

Do you provide hosting and domain services?

No, I dont provide hosting services. but i can advise you the best to get.

Can you make my site live after finishing the work?

Yes, we'll make your site live for that we need domain and hosting credentials.

Is admin portal included?

If use wordpress for your website then they provide premade admin backend for user to manage content, if we create website in custom code html/css then we create that from scratch in php.

Do you give Ui/Ux of website to me for approval?

Yes, we'll make Ui/Ux first and then send it to you after your approval we'll implement it into code