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To: All online business owners who want to sell MORE of their products and services

The biggest difference between those products and services that have sold millions and those that fail miserably, has almost nothing to do with the quality of what’s being sold.

While, of course, quality is important, it doesn’t make the sale … it’s the website that does that.

That’s because you have to be able to explain the benefits of what you’re selling, in order to get people to buy.

And, if you can’t explain those benefits better than your competition, you’ll likely get crushed.

Which is why I believe that effective website that gets people to take action--is key to building a successful business.

However, there’s a big problem …

It’s Not Easy to have "Great Website" (i.e. a sales pages that works)

In Fact, It’s Incredibly Difficult!

Until now, we’ve really only had 2 straightforward options for getting website:

You can create
the website yourself

You can hire a “professional”
web developer
to create it for you.

But with those options, come several additional problems…

First, learning to write effective web design is far from easy. The greatest web designer in the world have devoted their entire lives--hundreds of thousands of hours--crafting that very skill.

If you don’t have the time OR the motivation to learn how to create amazing website, or you just aren’t confident you could ever be good at it … then, of course, you have the option of hiring a web designer.

But, again, there are many


to hiring a professional …

First, the vast majority (upwards of 80%) of “professional” web designer may be great at web design, but far less successful at getting people to actually buy whatever it is you’re selling. So, their sales message might read well, but get pretty lack-luster results. These web designer talk big game, but almost always over-promise and under-deliver.


Secondly, hiring a wrong web designer is incredibly stressful and the wrong web Designer or inexperienced The wrong web designer will act as a “yes man,” telling you whatever you want to hear. . . even if it won’t help you to fix the issue. The wrong web designer will take all your money, rather than professionally fixing your issue And the wrong web designer works as a side gig, meaning they’re only available to you an hour or two a day--if you’re lucky. That’s why you need me.


Third, hiring a web designer isn’t cheap. The lower-priced ones charge $2,000+ for a 5 page website. The average web designer charges $5,000-$7,000, and the good web designer charge $15,000 and up. All for a 5 page website!

It can be worth it--if the sales pages converts well and makes you more than you invested--but even the best web designer don’t win every time. Nor do they issue refunds when their web page doesn’t deliver the results you wanted. Oh, and did I mention that most require a 50% deposit upfront before they even start working?


So, where does that leave you?

It leaves you wasting time and money on a web designer who could FAIL you, making you more frustrated and even worse off than when you began.

…and probably wishing you knew how to do it all yourself.

Now, on the flipside, you could purchase all sorts of books and courses from the web designer greats … and there are plenty of really great ones out there to choose from.

But… with that,

there are even more problems:


It costs money to invest in web designing courses and books, and while you can get most books for under $50, it’s still an investment in something that’s ultimately dependent on whether you can read it, absorb it, and most importantly … implement it.


It takes a considerable amount of time to read a book. A week if you’re very fast. A month if you’re not … even longer if you plan to take notes and really study the strategies.


And here’s the biggest problem of them all … unfortunately, web designing isn’t something you can read about and expect to be good at. It takes years of practice to become great at it, and most people never succeed.

And by “practice,” I don’t just mean sitting down and create a sales page to yourself. You need to practice web designing … over and over again. THEN, you need to use what you created to see if anyone takes the action you want them to take. That’s really the only way to test if your web page’s any good or not.

Of course, that process takes both time and money, as you try to figure out what works and what doesn’t. As a result, web designing isn’t a skill that can be learned overnight … which is why there are very few truly GREAT web designer in the world.

Who Am I ?


How Do I
know this


Hi, I’m Kamran Guruji, and I’ve been web designing/developing online since 2014 … so I’ve personally experienced all the web developing challenges I just mentioned.

That’s why I know what a pain the whole web designing thing is for entrepreneurs … you want great web copy but irritatingly enough, your options are limited and come with plenty of drawbacks.

To get around that, I taught myself web designing … which is how I know that while it isn’t impossible to do, it’s not easy.

At a minimum, it takes loads of money … or tons of time … and lots of trial-and-error.

Take me, for example. I had to spend tens of thousands of dollars on books and courses from world-class web designer.

And it wasn’t enough for me to just review their teachings. I also had to painstakingly commit what I was learning to memory … to practice and practice and practice some more until web-designing became natural to me.

Of course, that also meant putting up with LOTS of trial-and-error . I might spend weeks creating a sales page , only to drive traffic to it and discover it was a HUGE FAIL because people weren’t buying anything from it.

Imagine doing that more than once :( Each time it happened, not only was it an expensive mistake, but it also made all the hours I spent creating the web page … a complete waste!

Which brings me to another problem you’ll find when you try to learn web development—it takes tons of time.

After all, life doesn’t exactly stop and wait while you learn how to create web pages … for example, when I was trying to become a good web designer, not only was I running my own business (and managing the millions of small details that entails), but I was also trying to make sure I spent enough time with my wife and kids.

However, the news isn’t all grim …

After investing tons of my own time and money, my ambition did ultimately pay off… over a decade later.

By then, I’d FINALLY gotten good at web designing and with that skillset, I’ve been fortunate to have been able to build 7 different multi-million dollar online businesses in all sorts of markets. I’ve sold everything from eBooks to informational video courses, to physical products like supplements and skin care, to SaaS (software as a service).

Which is how I know that great web designing is the foundation of any successful business.

However, until now, it wasn’t easy (or time efficient) to get great web copy.

And that’s why I’m SO excited to tell you about a web designing solution I created that’s infinitely easier, faster, and cheaper than hiring a web designer.


I am Guruji from Dreamswebstudio and I provide web design services for small companies to expand their businesses online.

You'll never stare at a blank canvas, wondering what to write, again!

The perfection of Dreamswebstudio is it understand companies' requirements and implement the solution accordingly to their markets.

Instead, you get to leverage all the “blood, sweat, and tears” I’ve spent studying world-class, legendary web designer!

So, with Dreamswebstudio, you’ll get TONS web Pages I developed using everything I learned from those legendary web designer … without the time, risk, or expense!

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about staring at a blank page (wondering what to write) again.

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And it doesn’t even matter what you’re selling!

Dreamswebstudio can be used by any and all businesses…

No matter your niche

No matter if you’re selling a digital product or a physical product

No matter if you’re selling a product or if you’re selling a service

It doesn’t even matter if you’re just giving something away for free …

If you want someone to take action, Dreamswebstudio can work for you!

Even better, Web designing is unbelievably simple to use. It works like this:

I’ve taken the tens of thousands of dollars of web designing courses and books that I’ve purchased over the past 17+ years AND all the knowledge I ‘ve gained developing software products … to create the best darn web designing software you’ll find anywhere!

As I see it, you have three choices …

You could gamble on a C-level, professional web designer or company for a minimum of $2,000 to create potentially FAILING web pages.

You could buy tons of web designing books and courses. Read them. Study them. Put them into action and learn from your mistakes. The costs can easily add up to many $1,000s, not to mention the years it’ll take.

Or you could invest just a small amount into Dreamswebstudio and leverage the years of web designing experience I’ve developed, while building multiple 7-figure businesses …

saving you TONS of money, time, and risk.